My name is Pablo, and I help businesses build electronic hardware products.

As an electronics engineer and an embedded systems specialist I can help you design, validate, develop, prototype and manufacture your product:

  • Attending meetings in the early stages of conceptualization of a new product, providing my experience on electronics design, test and manufacturing industry.
  • Helping you choose the best key components –Bill-of-Materials (BOM)– for your application.
  • Designing your electronics and electrical circuits.
  • Developing firmware for your microcontroller(s).
  • Building prototypes of the electronics your product.
  • Helping you set up electronics manufacturing plans.
  • As a reviewer in every stage of the process: BOM, design and code review.

I can help you in every step of your project, or I can be hired just for the specific stages of development that your company needs.

Standard rates

Hourly rate

36 €per hour
  • Best for well-defined jobs
  • Pay for the time worked on your project only
  • Clear milestones

Fixed price

Negotiableper project
  • Fixed price set upfront
  • Lowest financial risk
  • Clear milestones

Contracting full-time

250 €per day
  • When full-time services are required
  • Pay per actual day of work at a discounted rate
  • 1 month minimum

These rates can be customized to accomodate specific needs or commitments. They might vary depending on deadlines, uncertainty and other reasons to be discussed before closing a contract. Payment conditions and related milestones are negotiated per contract.