I learn a lot from others and, as a way of giving back, I love teaching.

Photo of my class at MWR Rota

I have been teaching at:

MWR Rota Community Classes

In 2018 I started a Robotics, Programming and 3D Printing program at Naval Station Rota, Spain. My students were U.S. military families (elementary and middle-school age) as well as active-duty members of the U.S. Navy.

Universidad de Cádiz

I have been invited regularly since 2016 as a guest lecturer at the local university in Cádiz, Spain, to teach about embedded systems and entrepreneurship. And also as a guest speaker for extra-curricular events.

Fábrica Digital

I started a business in my hometown in 2015 where I have been teaching programming, electronics and 3D printing. Among my students I had teenage kids, grown-up hobbyists, trade and college students, school teachers, and professionals.

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